• What types of returns are most likely to be audited?
    • According to IRS statistics, the following types of returns are most likely to be audited: Returns containing EITC, Schedule C, Schedule E, and/or Form 2106(Employee Business Expenses).

  • What services does Audit Maintenance Pro™ provide to taxpayers?
    • Taxpayers who receive IRS correspondence will be provided with assistance from an Enrolled Agent(EA) or a CPA throughout the entire audit process. Our representative will review all IRS correspondence or notices, compile any letters or communication necessary to respond to IRS requests, help to organize and present documents on your behalf, directly communicate with any IRS agent assigned to your case if necessary, and explain any claim rights and options available under your Audit Maintenance Pro™ service agreement.

  • What should the taxpayer do if audited or correspondence is received from the IRS?
    • They should call Audit Maintenance Pro™ at 1-706-364-1267 and immediately provide us with a completed Form 2848 – Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative. They will be assigned a representative and must also provide Audit Maintenance Pro™ with a copy of any IRS notices or correspondence within 15 days of receiving it, along with all pertinent documents and a copy of the tax return being questioned. Taxpayer is also required to respond to any additional requests for information that might be needed in order to substantiate the information on the return. If the taxpayer is contacted directly by the IRS during the course of an audit, they should notify Audit Maintenance Pro™ immediately, but in no way are they relinquished from the responsibility to comply with any and all IRS requests, including the making of all payments in a timely manner. Audit Maintenance Pro™ cannot be responsible for any additional tax, penalties or interest because the taxpayer did not respond to the IRS in the required period of time.
    • All documents should be mailed to:Audit Maintenance Pro™
      Attn: Claims
      3422 Wrightsboro Road, Ste 200
      Augusta, Ga 30909
    • Or scanned and emailed to: Claims@AuditMP.com.

  • Will an Audit Maintenance Pro™ representative attend an audit with me?
    • Our coverage does not include face-to-face representation if you are audited. Your representative will be available for direct phone communication with you and the IRS agent during your audit. If you chose to have an Audit Maintenance Pro™ representative present during the audit, there will be an additional fee of $100 per hour plus travel costs.

Disclaimer: These FAQs are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a legal obligation on the part of Audit Maintenance Pro™. Please see the user agreement for the complete legally binding terms and conditions.